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9:00 a.m. - 2007-01-16

I hung out with Ryan last night and we got to talking about my lack of a job. It was nice that he totally understood how I'm feeling right now -- "You have this free time but it's like you can't enjoy it because you know you should be working." Exactly. And if I got a job and it didn't even start 'til a week from now, I could still be enjoying this time. But I'm not, because of the uncertainty. I don't want to go back to Cascal, but if Stabucks doesn't hire me, I will go back. There are not a whole lot of options here. Monster.com only returned restaurant management positions, and I don't want to try being a manager again. Or, if I did, I'd just go back to Cascal, where I've already established a level of respect with everyone.

Ryan said last night that I gained some weight. Not directly to me, but while retelling the events of the day I stopped by after getting back from Maine. Kim apparently kept remarking how amazing I looked and how I'd lost weight, and Ryan said, "No, she gained weight, she just looks curvier and that's what you're seeing." Whew. Honestly I'm not sure. I thought I was looking better than ever. *shrug* It's funny that he doesn't have that filter the rest of us have, where we can strain out the blatantly inappropriate comments. But he's a friend, and friends are honest, I suppose.

Ben and I spent several hours with the neighbor's kitty, Panther, yesterday afternoon. It was so nice. He really started to warm up to us toward the end there, before we had to leave to drop off Ben at the airport. Panther wandered all over the place in here. That said, cleaning must be done today. I wonder how the neighbor is doing, too. I would like us to become friends but for some reason it always feels awkward when he stops by. Maybe just because we have nothing to do. Ooo, I just thought of something...how neat would it be if, this spring/summer, the three of us had a two-apartment party? I could make tons of food (yay!) and by then we'll certainly have the Wii for lots of social gaming fun. And Mike has the nice tv with cable and all. We could just leave the sliding glass doors open and people could walk freely from one place to the next, depending on what they wanted to do for entertainment. But I'm thinking of this with a lot of people involved, and I don't know too many. But then, Googlers would be a good guest choice since Mike is a Googler as well. Anyhow, it could be neat.

I think it's shower time. And then laundry time. Then vacuuming time and then bathroom-cleaning time. Busy day ahead! Hurrah!

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