2:23 p.m. - 2007-02-18

it's been a while, yes?
i now have a job, i'm in school, and life is pretty darned awesome.
there's a kitty living next door whom i get to hang out with frequently and i've regained my interest in cooking, though i'm still a bit limited by this itty bitty kitchen.
ben and i are hoping to move by summertime, because it would be awful to spend another sweltering summer in this apartment. unfortunately, we're very limited if we don't get a few other people to get a house with us, because an apartment we can afford by ourselves will always be kind of a lame apartment. we're working on our options, though.
aside from that, not much is new. ben and i are doing very well and recently had our 5-year anniversary.
yay for life :P

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I am: 23 years old, living in sunny CA, sassy, silly and open-minded

loves: laughter, sunshine, animals, pretty music, my ultra-cute boyfriend, art, and all things chocolate

hates: war, months of nonstop rain, bugs in my kitchen, closed-mindedness, and expensive stuff i want but can't afford